Loans for aviation students

Being a commercial pilot in Spain is a very envied profession, however there are few scholarships available so aviation students, future commercial pilots, have to end up financing their studies by their own means. The

Being a commercial pilot in Spain is a very envied profession, however there are few scholarships available so aviation students, future commercial pilots, have to end up financing their studies by their own means. The fact that studying aviation is not done through universities means that financial aids are not available to aviation students.

The funding of these aviation courses is focusing on loans for aviation students from financial institutions and banks. Although there are other future pilots who decide to work first to be able to have their own money and savings to finance the aviation course. Many university students, after finishing their studies, work for a few years until they can pay for the course to be a commercial pilot without having to resort to study credits. Even some future pilots have worked first on airlines as flight attendants, ie as hostesses, or maintenance personnel. A way of being in contact with the aviation industry in order to have previous experience in an airline, while earning and saving money for their future commercial pilot studies.

Anyway, once you enter a commercial aviation school, you must have the total money to pay for studies to become a commercial pilot. Because in addition to the theoretical classes you have to be able to finance the flight hours, because the practice is fundamental.

How to get a loan for commercial pilot studies

How to get a loan for commercial pilot studies

Although the aviation studies were not University, today the University of Salamanca offers a university degree and therefore you can access scholarships to be a commercial pilot through the aid system that in Spain grants the Ministry of Education. Because the aws does not offer collaboration agreements with entities such as Banco Sabadell, BBVA, La Caixa, Banco Santander, which offer loans for studies. This university degree in commercial aviation pilot is taught at the airport of the Matacán air base, in the province of Salamanca, through Adventia European College of Aeronautics. The school of Matacán has facilities for theoretical classes, through a meeting room and briefing, as well as a simulator area, flight planning room, and an operations office. Since this university degree also includes air operations. But undoubtedly the most important of the Matacán air base is the platform where the school’s airplanes are regulated by wsa regulations and where the flight instructors give their classes. The tracks of the Matacán air base have a distance of 2500 meters long by 60 wide. What together with the little commercial traffic and the climatology of the area, make the Matacán airport the best in Spain, and one of the best in Europe, for the training of future commercial pilots. In addition to the tracks for airplanes Matacán also has hangars, where the aeronautical maintenance of edwa is carried out according to the European Aviation Safety Agency regulations. At the base of Matacán you can take courses in flight coaching, where you can practice the basic maneuvers of instrumental flight and navigation, without limit of hours. There are two coaches available, one single-engine and one twin-engine for more advanced air navigation classes. In the commercial aviation pilot university degree, single-engine and twin-engine simulators are also available. And there is also a fleet of single-engine and twin-engine aircraft, and acrobatic flight.

But if you can not access the MEC scholarships remember that you can be financed with loans for studies. As happens with postgraduate courses or with masters, both university and business schools. For this, the requirements and steps that must be met by the loan application for commercial pilot studies are the following:

  1. Gather all the necessary financial documentation to be able to justify the ability to pay and repay the loan. That is, bank balances, income statements, working life, payroll and contracts, etc.
  2. Find an aviation school that is accredited to include it in the application for the study loan. The normal thing is that the commercial pilot school itself will help you with the application in order to assess what the total cost of the studies will be. In order that you do not fall short when asking for the necessary financing for the commercial pilot course.
  3. Present the request to the bank, indicating the amount of the loan requested to be able to carry out commercial pilot studies. It will also be necessary to indicate which will be the term of return of the loaned capital, differentiating between the grace period, where only interest is paid, and the term where the amortization of the capital is made.

Sometimes it is the flight schools themselves that offer funding for aviation studies giving more options to the students to be able to obtain the private commercial pilot certification. But they are rare cases and therefore it is always better to have a loan of sufficient amount to be able to pay the expenses of the theoretical and practical course of commercial pilot.