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After more than a year of uncertainty and unique burdens, the ND Right to Life Executive Committee welcomes the student body back to campus. A particularly warm welcome to our new members! Welcome to your

After more than a year of uncertainty and unique burdens, the ND Right to Life Executive Committee welcomes the student body back to campus. A particularly warm welcome to our new members! Welcome to your home under the dome!

We are extremely grateful to be able to resume all of our regular club activities, and we invite everyone to engage with ND Right to Life throughout the year. Our first big event will be Life Fest, a fun celebration of the joy of every life on the Notre Dame campus. We are extremely happy to welcome you to Notre Dame University through food and fraternity.

ND Right to Life is the largest non-college student-run club on campus. We work to promote a culture of life through programming, education, service, prayer and dialogue. Our club is committed to ending abortion and the many other violations of human life that plague our nation, such as the death penalty, racial injustice, and contempt for people with disabilities and the elderly. Our mission is to support unborn children and their mothers before and after birth, especially through our opportunities for prayer and service. As Irish Fighting for Life, we send over 1,000 students, faculty and staff each year to the March for Life in DC. But we have so many more opportunities for service, prayer, and activism throughout the year on campus. We would love to have you join us!

Our branch of service is essential to promoting a culture of life and actualizing real change in our community. We offer free on-campus babysitting services for the children of Notre Dame graduate students, we help elderly residents of Holy Cross Village, host baby shower for local mothers-to-be through Project Mom, and let’s raise funds for the Moreau College Initiative, a program for inmates. take courses and receive diplomas from Holy Cross College. This year, we are delighted to begin working with Divine Mercy Apostolate, a local educational and spiritual organization, and to partner with Let Them Live, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to vulnerable women in poverty. abortion by raising ten thousand dollars for a woman and an unborn child in need. We hope these programming opportunities provide the campus community with a chance to engage with pro-life ideas and discussions in a respectful, charitable and uplifting way.

In addition to service, we love to engage our peers through dialogue and educational opportunities. We invite you all to attend our next University Abortion Symposium, have coffee with another student at our Girl Talk: Let’s Talk About Abortion event, watch our annual student debate, or attend events at during our two major programming weeks, Respect for Life Week (fall) and Love Week (spring). This year, we are delighted to host the Humanae Vitae Commission, which focuses on Catholic fertility education and resources.

To those who are unsure of our mission and our values, we would love to talk to you! We recognize the complexities and challenges these conversations present, so we would like to formally invite you to join us in a respectful and understanding dialogue as we move into this New Year. And to our members, we encourage you to continue to engage in charitable conversations, to be a pro-life witness in your words and actions, and to rely radically on Christ over the coming year.

The Supreme Court hearing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, our mission remains the same. While many may be tempted to retreat to echo chambers of partisanship, complacency, or despair because of the potential outcomes, we will continue to encourage honest and fruitful conversations and take this opportunity to reflect on the future of our movement and the state of our culture. Regardless of what happens in courts, states, campus politics or social media, we are committed to actively building a culture of life, anchored by the Cross and its radical illustration of love.

ND Right to Life is a Catholic, non-partisan club, so prayer always comes first. From frequent masses and club worship to peaceful prayer outside the South Bend Unauthorized Chemical Abortion Center, we constantly strive to root ourselves in prayer and place our intercessions before the feet of Jesus and his mother, Mary. As we remain true to our mission, we must continue to recognize that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and to treat them with the dignity that truth confers. Mothers, fathers and children, those on death row, the disabled, the elderly, the incarcerated and the lonely – they need and rely on our continued prayers, witness and accompaniment.

To the entire community, we encourage you to engage with us, find out what we do, and celebrate life with us! We would be honored to happily work alongside you, whether you are joining us in our service efforts, attending an event or two, or just saying hello! Know that we will be praying for you throughout this exciting New Year!

Saint Gianna Molla, pray for us!

In Christ,

NDRtL Board of Directors, 2021-2022

Marie Biese

director of education, senior

Marie Rice

vice-president of programming, junior

Francine Tree

president, senior

Sean Tehan

director of education, senior

Maggie Murray

vice-president of operations, junior

Maura brennan

vice-president of programming, junior

Anna rehagen

vice president of design, senior

Grace Thilken

vice-president of communication, junior

Emma Nowak

department manager, senior

Marie mueller

director of spirituality, senior

Caeli Jojola

director of dormitory outreach, second year

Catherine Hill

treasurer, second year student

August 7

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