Alexia Poulos, National Marketing and Events Manager at Primedia Broadcasting

Alexia Poulos, National Marketing and Events Manager at Primedia Broadcasting Alexia Poulos has been appointed National Director of Marketing and Events; oversee marketing, commerce, public relations and events for EWN, 947, 702 and CapeTalk radio.

Alexia Poulos, National Marketing and Events Manager at Primedia Broadcasting

Alexia Poulos has been appointed National Director of Marketing and Events; oversee marketing, commerce, public relations and events for EWN, 947, 702 and CapeTalk radio.

BizcommunityWhat is your job and what is your average working day like these days?

As the National Marketing and Events Manager, I work on the amazing radio brands 702, 947, Kfm 94.5 and CapeTalk as well as independent news brand Eyewitness News. I work with a dynamic and agile team of 10 people who serve these brands nationwide, 24 hours a day. These days my average workday is like many other people – at home in offices. back-to-back zoom meetings. But the content of the meetings and the projects I work on are so cool that my energy is always on top!

BizcommunityWhat excites you most about your role as Marketing and Events Manager at Primedia Broadcasting?

You never get bored on the radio! And yes – I love adrenaline. It also excites me tremendously that we always host world class events; albeit virtually.

Every day, I am amazed at how little more the world has changed than the day before in this pandemic – but our brands continue to find opportunities to connect with our audience in meaningful ways.

As a broadcasting medium, radio has the unique ability to help, guide, create platforms for debate, inform and offer an escape, all in real time.

Through music and chat formats, we build strong communities, and our presenters are the glue. As the prevalence of fake news increases, we’ve seen listeners align more closely with our brands because they trust us. It’s a big responsibility – they look to us when they are faced with difficult financial and emotional situations.

BizcommunityCan you tell us a bit about your professional background prior to your current position?

My first job after college was in strategy and public relations where I worked on amazing brands like Simba, Samsung and Renault. I then jumped into the advertising world before joining Primedia Broadcasting, where I have worked for over 10 years.

It’s been an epic journey of brand management – including launching brands, building brands, managing brand and presenter reputation, creating virtual events, and maintaining relevance and presence. brand in times of pandemic.

BizcommunityHow would you define your brand?

My personal brand? My brand appears. He appears on good days, he appears on difficult days. My brand takes life head-on … and as long as my brand evolves and is challenged, it remains relevant. Part of the presentation is being there with myself and my team – especially now. Mental health checks are necessary to make sure that I am bringing the best of myself to every meeting.

The first lesson learned on radio is from KYA – Know Your Audience; preparation and adaptability are therefore essential.

BizcommunityWhat are some of your most recent branding campaigns and the reasons behind them?

The past 10 months have been busy for us at Primedia Broadcasting. In September 2020, we repositioned 702 – a bold move at the heart of the pandemic. We have redesigned the entire brand and all its facets, from its visual representation and structural essence to the range. Most of the information that led to the repositioning was the results of an in-depth auditor survey conducted from late 2019 to early 2020 – before our country found itself locked in.

The tagline #LetsWalkTheTalk is literally how we at 702 approach the issues of our listener and our country. We are all on a life path and sometimes we need someone to walk with us. To empower, support, inform and help us take action which is important. 702, its presenters and content have been adjusted to reflect this motion.

BizcommunityTell us about your most successful marketing campaign.

What if it was still to come? Jokes A big campaign was the recent Anele and the Club smoothie campaign of 947. We were able to get Johannesburg behind the breakfast team to choose the smoothie blend that embodies Johannesburg. It was a fun win, community development and small business support! Sir Juice sales increased 283% over the 6-week campaign, and 947 listeners managed to create a tangible product that reflects the fun nature of the show and the city’s active attitude.

BizcommunityWhat other sectors have an impact on your industry?

Positive or negative impact? Streaming is audio… and Primedia is a leader in this field… watch this space

BizcommunityWith the Covid-19 pandemic, what are the biggest marketing challenges?

Physical brand activations have become a challenge. Audio and AV brands are generally intangible – which is why Primedia has, over the decades, built iconic events that have brought communities together, such as 702’s Walk the Talk, CapeTalk’s Moonstruck and the 947 music festival series. Joburg Day and Kfm’s KDay. That being said, we have found incredible opportunities during the pandemic. These events have been refocused on virtual events and the results have been impressive. The virtual performances were highly produced, very entertaining and above all; created a feeling that life goes on during the lockdown. These events have also given a boost to the local production and music industries which have been severely affected over the past year.

BizcommunityWhat do you think are the most effective channels for getting your brand message across?

Radio is an amazing channel on its own … The combinations of advertising frequency and personality endorsement really get the message across and the call to action. Digital-backed radio is an amazing combination and Facebook for our four brands of radio stations is a phenomenal tool. LinkedIn is a great platform for our conversation and B2B brands and we love a bit of influencer marketing too.

BizcommunityWhen it comes to marketing, what can brands no longer ignore?

You certainly cannot ignore the consumer.

BizcommunityWhat career advice would you give to aspiring young marketing and event professionals?

Have clear goals. Get your hands dirty. Achieve metrics. Immerse yourself in the operational part of a marketing plan.

Learn from the experts around you and understand how each of their skills builds overall execution.

Have clear goals before launching a campaign and measure the results. And have fun doing it.