Secret Ways to Get More Views on Twitch

▲ Source Using Tic for streaming is a no-brainer, as is creating an account and streaming. However, although it is the best place to stream games, the question of how to get more views and


Using Tic for streaming is a no-brainer, as is creating an account and streaming. However, although it is the best place to stream games, the question of how to get more views and subscribers arises because with the tight competition, becoming popular on Twitch has become a challenge. But not impossible. If you’re about to embark on a game streaming journey, the following tips will help you get as many views as possible.

Work on an engaging Twitch layout

Twitch has grown tremendously since its release. Being a simple broadcast network for people to follow channels and enjoy streams, it has evolved and now includes various elements that you cannot miss while streaming. That is, what does a person pay attention to first before watching your stream? Visual representation of your channel, of course! Visuals like your icon and media attached to your bio need to be polished to achieve a shimmering sheen to multiply views on your channel.

It also includes a twitch offline screenwhich has been overlooked by many budding streamers, oddly enough.

Use various offline screens to let people know when you’re live and what’s on your broadcast agenda. Also, feel free to add other information to make sure more people watch your stream once you’re online.

practice networking

Networking is another element that streamers often overlook, but this is your chance to stand out! The advantage of networking on Twitch is that it’s simple, diverse, and free. Many networking approaches exist, so you are free to choose or create the one that works best for you. The easiest way to network effectively is to promote channels. You can do this during the stream or include links to the profile in the chat. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to host people and play with them if the game allows you to. Do not forget to do it mutually, that is, to be hosted by others.

Other than that, practice watching other streamers, being active on their chat, commenting on their gameplay, asking questions, and even joking around. The integration of these means will lead to an increase in the number of views of your feeds.

Embark on a systematic diffusion journey

It’s not just that you stream an hour a week and get millions of views. Streaming is a time-consuming occupation, requiring hours a day to generate enough content. Frequent broadcasts will fuel people’s enthusiasm. Not only that, but people will also exercise word of mouth if your content is exciting and engaging. So be sure to stream religiously and, most importantly, on time. Choose the best times for streaming so your broadcasts get more views.


Come with an original Thank you for subscribing

Look at big-name streamers and their ways of thanking people for subscribing. Their gratitude is unique and eye-catching! And so must be yours. Use default sounds and visuals combined with simple Thank you is fine, but why not think of something off the beaten path, mainly if it can increase your views and reward submarines? This will help you cheer up the audience during the stream and stimulate new topics of discussion. Speaking of the latter…

Interact with the public

Being responsive is a great way to build good relationships with viewers and attract new people to the stream. The best would be to answer people’s questions, ask them to tell a story, and above all to talk about everything and nothing in particular. Try to have multiple moderators to keep the chat going, delete unnecessary posts, and highlight ones you might miss. With the growing interest and usage of Discord, try diversifying your Twitch chat and discussing various topics. Discord, in turn, can be used for questions, mechanics, strategies, and more. more related to the game.

Create a Discord community

Although optional, Discord is a great tool for meaningful discussions between you and your followers or teammates. You can also create multiple Discord chats and use one to communicate with colleagues and another to talk with other followers. If you decide to pair Discord with Twitch, you need to maintain a high level of engagement to make the old platform worth visiting.

Therefore, promote your Discord channel during the stream and entice people to follow the group by providing free guides or anything that will pique their interest and make them do the desired action. Also, don’t forget to use the power of social media. Use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to ask people to subscribe to your channels and spread the word about your live streams, giveaways and other events.


Find your niche and master your skills

The effectiveness of each technique mentioned is highly dependent on your gaming prowess. The more proficient you are, the more effective each method will be and the more views you will get in the long run. That’s why make sure to drill your gameplay and style first to show off your gaming expertise. This will allow you to build up a group of regulars who will visit your channel every time you go live. .

to summarize

Advice provided may not be secret. Yet many enthusiasts neglect to use them to increase views for their shows. We recommend focusing on one lane and working on it until it’s perfected. This way, your channel will become expert and engaging, multiplying your views and improving your Twitch ranking accordingly.