WDIV’s Paula Tutman Creates A Bra Without A Bra

As a young girl, Paula Tutman constantly damaged her skin by using duct tape to lift her large breasts as she struggled with her body image. But she never expected to one day create a

As a young girl, Paula Tutman constantly damaged her skin by using duct tape to lift her large breasts as she struggled with her body image. But she never expected to one day create a boosting product that would help other women.

Tutman, a longtime WDIV (Channel 4) reporter, created the Bra without bra in February 2018 — an adhesive, customizable breast tape that can lift and support large breasts without damaging the skin.

“My main goal was to create something that could hold large breasts, because I…I started with duct tape and then obviously moved past that when gravity set in and migrated to postage tape if you can believe it,” Tutman said. “It was ridiculous…and I tried duct tape and then duct tape and by the time I got to Detroit I had migrated to the tape… I was recording myself a lot and it was tearing me to shreds, and you know what? I did not care.”

As an early bloomer, she was teased for her growing breasts when her peers had yet to develop. For years, Tutman used duct tape to lift her breasts, which damaged her body as she tried to manage her confidence. It wasn’t until Tutman was asked during a routine physical if she was being abused.

“My doctor came back with her nurse and her face was just gray, I thought she was going to tell me I had cancer…she said on your exam we noticed lots of cuts, bruises, scratches, and we need to know if you’re a victim of domestic violence. I was shocked.”

It was then that she realized she needed a solution.

“I came home that day, and I started drawing a doodle, I thought to myself, I’m not the only woman with this problem,” she said.

The Bra-Less Bra was the solution.

“I wanted women to look in the mirror and like what they saw and like who they were because I was struggling with my own self-image and my own body image, and I didn’t want other women to feel that,” Tutman said. I also wanted a social justice mission…I’ll know it’s been successful when I write checks for other women who have big ideas and need funding. This will be my measure of success.

Before adding a professional entrepreneur to his resume, Tutman worked at WDIV-TV in Detroit since 1992.

“…I love my job. I’m inspired by my work, and so it inspired me,” she said. “I don’t watch life from a window, I’m out there , I live it, I get involved in it with other people, and so I think more than anything, it inspired me and I continue to be inspired to do other things.

Like most entrepreneurs, creating the Bra-Less Bra was not an easy journey for Tutman. As someone who knew very little about product development, Tutman was assisted by her diverse, all-female team.

Inspired by her own challenges, Tutman hopes to help other minority women seeking funding for their own small businesses.

“My biggest goal is to reach a trigger point of sustainability and profitability that I can create, and I already have the structure for, the nonprofit. I really want to help fund and grow new businesses. ‘other businesses by minority women,’ Tutman said.

“If you look at the statistics, minority women are the least likely of any other gender and ethnicity to get funding or to be taken seriously for product ideas and spirit. I know there will be other women who will go through the hell I went through to get funded and be taken seriously and manufacture in the USA…I don’t want other women underserved go through the things I’ve been through.”

The braless bra, which can be safely removed and can support up to an N cup size, can be purchased on line for $49.99.

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